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Player Equipments

Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo’s Badminton Racket

Kevin Sanjaya is the best front court men’s double player in 2017. He has taken by storm the badminton world with his exciting playing style and electric personality. He is so fast with his shot making and reflexes that sometimes it seems that he is using an alien racket.

He has a dominating style at the net characterized by quick play and interceptions. This makes him require a very fast racket. A stiff and evenly balanced racket can provide these needs.

Below is the list of all the rackets Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo has used :

2017 – Present : Yonex Arcsaber 11

Currently Kevin Sanjaya is using the Yonex ARCSABER 11. It can be said that the Arcsaber 11 is the most preferred racket by international doubles players. It is an even balanced racket. First time users of this racket might feel that there is no smash power in this racket. However it is not so. Even hard smashers like Keigo Sonoda (JPN) uses this racket. Kevin Sanjaya has won 6 Superseries Titles in 2017 alone using this racket. The Dubai Superseries final is still left to take place.

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The newer version of the Arcsaber 11 does not have yellow colours on it while the old model has. Please don’t get confused by this when you are looking at photos of Kevin on the internet.

Late 2016 : Victor Jetspeed S 12

Prior to 2017, Kevin Sanjaya’s kit sponsor was Victor. He was using the Victor JETSPEED S 12 during this time. The Jetspeed S 12 is a slightly head heavier racket as compared to the Arcsaber 11. This gives a little more power by sacrificing speed of the racket.

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Early 2016 : Victor Hypernano X900

Kevin Sanjaya and his partner Marcus Gideon won the Malaysia Masters and the India Open in this period. In those tournaments, Kevin was using the Victor Hypernano X900 racket. This is a racket which is quite similar to the Jetspeed S 12.

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2015 : Victor Jetspeed S 10

Before Kevin was in stardom as he is right now, he can be seen using the Victor Jetspeed S10 racket. The Jetspeed S 10 is primarily a doubles racket. It also has a compact head size as compared to other Victor rackets. The Jetspeed S10 – Stiff shaft, Even balance, small racket head = Extremely Quick racket.

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