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What was Axelsen’s First Sponsorship deal when he was 10 years old ?

The jump in Axelsen’s face value in 2017 has been absolutely phenomenal. A brand trying to land a sponsorship deal with Viktor Axelsen is looking at nearly 2 million dollars right now. That’s wow especially for an athlete in the sports of badminton.

But have you ever imagined what his first sponsorship contract looked like? It was in 2004. A sports pro shop called Ketshop noticed Axelsen’s talent as a young player back then. And they signed a contract with him immediately that included :

  • 2 pieces of racket
  • T shirts as required
  • 3 pairs of shorts
  • 2 pieces of top/jacket
  • 1 Kit Bag
  • Advertisement for a brand Zerv

It is astonishing to realize that Axelsen landed that deal when he was just 10 years old. From that day onwards, Viktor Axelsen had never had a single day to worry about his gear & equipment.

Viktor Axelsen World Champion 2017

Henrik Axelsen, Viktor’s father, has always been his manager. He has always handled Viktor’s sporsorship deals. Axelsen believes his father will be the best manager for him and says, “I cannot really see any better manager, because he wants the best for me. Not only as a badminton player, but also as a human being in general. So I know I’m not being sent out to thousands of things if it does not make sense….”

Axelsen has a huge fan following not only in Denmark and Europe, but in Asia as well. Axelsen’s popularity is unprecedented in China, the badminton powerhouse of the world. The fact that Axelsen is very fluent in Mandarin has helped him. Lin Dan back in 2014 also predicted that Axelsen will become a great player someday. Even Lin Dan would not have thought that it would arrive this soon.

Courtesy : TV 2 Sports Denmark

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