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Yonex ASTROX 77 Badminton Racket – Detailed Review

The ASTROX Series is the new line of rackets from Yonex. And the Astrox 77 is the first racket in this series. Its a high end top of the line from racket ( 200$ – 300$ ) depending upon which country you stay.

This racket has been used by : MARCUS GIDEON FERNALDI (Indonesia), RATCHANOK INTANON (Thailand), AKANE YAMAGUCHI (Japan).

Upsides : Very User friendly racket, Good for both doubles racket, Almost all club players will love this racket.

Downsides : Flex feels a little bit too much at times.

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Summary : The Astrox 77 is outstanding in many ways. It has very attractive colours. It is also very user friendly. It gives you the impression of a racket which you have used for a long period of time. The racket performs very well in all departments of the game. This is the perfect racket for someone who likes a little bit of flex in his racket.



The ASTROX 77 introduces two new technologies.

  1. NAMD – This is a new type of graphite material which maintains flex of the racket shaft without losing power. Most top players up until now has been using rackets with stiff shaft so that they do not lose out power & accuracy while hitting smashes. This can all change with the arrival of the ASTROX 77.
  2. ROTATIONAL GENERATOR SYSTEM – In the VOLTRIC series, Yonex concentrated the weight in 3 points in the racket head. In the ASTROX 77, weight has been added to the bottom of the handle as a counterweight.


Colour and Design :

I absolutely love the Metallic Blue Colour. The Shine Yellow colour feels a little bit more common as everyone is obsessed with neon colour right now.

Clears :

I had the racket strung with BG 66 Ultimax at 30 Lbs. The ASTROX 77 has a very large sweet spot, nothing like the Duora Z STRIKE.  Even from the first shot, I could hit the shuttle with very good timing. The ASTROX 77 has also very good repulsion power ( more than the DUORA 10). Back court to back court clears were very easy.

Smashes :

Yonex rates this racket as “Medium Flex”. To put it into perspective, Duora 10 is “Stiff Flex” and Z Force 2 is “Extra Stiff”. While hitting full smashes with body weight transfer, the racket performed extremely well. It has got a good solid punch.

The ASTROX 77 also has a very long shaft. So it gives a good whip feeling while delivering the smashes. You can get good power while hitting half smashes as well. However half smashes feel a little bit inaccurate at times.


As stated above, the racket has a very large sweet spot. It has also got a fairly big head size like the Duora 10. Even off centered shots goes where I intended to hit them. This is a head heavy racket, so there is a little bit of swing weight. I am amazed at how fast this racket is for hitting counter attacks with that amount of weight. I would like to give a 10/10 to this racket for defence in singles play.

Fast and quick defence, drives is where it suffers a little bit. When you play with a racket like the Arcsaber 11, you can feel that the racket moves as fast as your hand. The racket feels just like an extension of your arm. When play quick shots with the ASTROX 77, you can feel that the racket lags behind a millisecond or two. This does not mean in any way that its not suited for doubles play. World no. 1 doubles player Marcus Gideon Fernaldi is using this racket (as of today when this article is written).

Net Shots :

I feel net dribbles and net shots are not a very good indicator of a racket performance. If you get your racket strung with a good string of your choice and the right tension, you can hit those net shots well. So I am skipping this part.

Speed, accuracy and control :

The ASTROX 77 has a very thin frame. Added to this the counterweight ratational technology, I feel this racket moves very fast. Its very fast for a racket with this type racket head weight distribution.

I can hit drop shots and slices very accurately with a very relaxed hitting motion. Half smashes however feel less accurate at times.

You can check out our video review as well. Thank You. 😃

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