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Yonex Power Cushion Comfort Tour Shoe Review

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The Yonex Comfort Tour was launched back in 2016.

The shoe became more popular when Lin Dan started using it in international tournaments in 2017. Other players like Jan Jorgensen and Mathias Boe have been using this shoe for quite some time now.

I have personally used this shoe in regular practice sessions and matches for more than 4 months. Here are the things which impressed and disappointed me.

Comfort and cushioning, Ventilation

Yonex markets this shoe with the name “Comfort Tour”. Is it really that comfortable? I say it not the most comfortable of shoes. It is one of the few shoes from Yonex which comes with 2 full layers of power cushion. These two layers cover the whole sole area of the shoe. Normally only one full layer and a second partial layer (see diagram below) is found. The shoe is stiffer as compared with other shoes like the Aerus. Owing to this stiffer character, the shoe seems to provide less cushioning effect while playing on court

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The Comfort tour is made out of Polyurethane Leather, which is a kind of synthetic leather. Yonex provides only a few holes for ventilation. Though it was not much of a problem for me, I feel the breathability of the shoe is not enough.  


 This shoe is definitely heavier than the Aerus or the Shb 65 series. I will rank this shoe on the heavier side.

Support and Stability

Yonex Aerus shoes have a slightly lifted heel as compared to the Yonex Comfort tour. The Comfort Tour has a completely flat profile. This gives added stability while making those high impact landings in badminton. It provides good support and stability in the middle arch portion of the feet. So this shoe is suitable for people with slightly flat to normal feet.  


The shoe is made of tough Polyurethane leather of very good quality. A new material called Tough Guard III is also used to construct this shoe. So even after months of rigorous use, the fabric/ the upper part of the shoe remains in perfect condition. I had to replace it only due to the reduction in cushion and wear of the gum sole near the toes. 

Shape and Agility

Last 7-8 years Lin Dan has always used slightly heavier and bulkier shoe. This shoe however is not as bulky as his previous shoe SHB SC6. The SC 6 has a U shaped toe cap. The comfort tour has a comparatively narrower and more V shaped toe cap.

The shoe performs really well in agility. There is very little loss in power while making sudden changes in speed and direction during play.


Yonex’s Hexagonal honeycomb grip design has been there for a while. It gives any player an exceptional amount of grip. On a clean court, syntheticor wooden, there is no slip of the foot even when making deep lunges. The extended sole near the toe area really helps when moving side to side, and when I want to move quickly to a corner.



This shoe has an off centre lacing pattern. This type of pattern is also found in football shoes like the Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3. It gives a footballer smoother area for ball & feet contact while striking.  

How does this lacing pattern help a badminton shoe? It does by providing a snug feeling to the shoe. It follows the natural curve of the arch of the feet and gives a some additional support to the arch as well.

The laces on this shoe is also different to the earlier ones from Yonex. The ones on this shoe is coarse and rougher. While they are very durable, they come off very easily if you tie them with just a single knot. A double knot becomes a must. Also they do not stretch at all when pulled, thus increasing the overall life of the shoe laces.

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