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Lee Chong Wei’s Badminton Racket in 2017

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Lee Chong Wei’s badminton racket story has been like this. Yonex makes a good racket, Lee Chong Wei uses it, every Lee Chong Wei fan buys it, Yonex makes a LCW edition of the same racket, everyone is forced to buy it. Quite a good marketing strategy from Yonex, as there is a huge number of LCW crazy fans.

Current Racket : Yonex Duora 10 LCW Frosty Blue

(After using the red/blue latest version of the Duora 10 for some months, Lee Chong Wei has shifted to his exclusive Frosty Blue Duora 10 model in the Tahoe China Open 2017. Same racket in Hong Kong Open 2017 )


Yonex gave the Duora 10 racket to first to Lee Chong Wei. He used it in the 2015 World Championships in Jakarta. This means to say that he has been using the racket for 2 years now. He reached the finals in the tournament and played some amazing badminton using the racket. As a result, the green and orange racket caught everyone’s attention and it has been a hit ever since. There are now 4 different colour versions of the racket. The oldest is the Orange Green. The latest one is the Blue Orange version. This is the one that Lee Chong Wei is currently using. He started using this colour from the 2017 BWF World Championships.

lee chong wei racket 2

The racket itself is very good and it performs well in all department of the game. It feels a lot similar to the Arcsaber 11. So it came as a surprise when Lee Chong Wei jumped from the head heavy, small framed Z Force 2 to the balanced, much wider framed Duora 10. But he showed no problems making the change.

In fact the Yonex Duora 10 seemed to be the racket which was most used by professional players in 2016.

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Past rackets

Yonex Voltric Z force 2 : 2014 – 2015, like said above this racket has two versions – a normal black variant and a purple-pink LCW variant. This is one of the most powerful racket Yonex has ever produced. It has a very thin shaft, it is super stiff and it has a smaller head size then most rackets. It does really well during attacks and flat drives. It is difficult to defend well with this racket as it has a smaller sweet spot. Also lifts with short actions go well to the back court, however if you have a large arm action, it is difficult to hit the sweet spot every time.

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lee chong wei racket 3

Yonex Voltric Z Force : 2012 – early 2014, as the story goes this racket also has two versions – a normal green/white version and a gold/violet LCW limited version. The racket had a weird head shape. Overall it was a good racket. The old/violet edition came in later as a limited version for Lee Chong Wei’s London Olympic Campaign.

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Yonex Voltric 80 : 2010 – 11, The Yonex tri voltage system (weight concentrated at 3 points in the racket head) was introduced in the Voltric 80. The 3U version is a little hard to wield for physically weaker players. But the power it delivered if you could tame it was phenomenally good. Peter Gade also used this racket till the end of his career. If I am not wrong, there seems to be no LCW edition of this racket.

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lee chong wei racket 5


Yonex Armotech 900P : Again, this racket also comes in a normal red black version and a yellow LCW edition. Again this is also a head heavy racket with a stiff shaft. The Yellow LCW version has now become a collector’s item.

lee chong wei racket 6


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