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This was the funniest thing that happened during Indonesian Open 2017

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This was during the men’s single second round of the Indonesian Open. The match was between Chou Tien Chen (Chinese Taipei) and Anders Antonsen (Denmark). Chou Tien Chen had taken the first game and was also in cruise control in the second game.

It was 20-18 and match point for Chou Tien Chen. An exciting rally followed and ended with a kill from the net by Antonsen. Only that it landed out. Chou Tien Chen started celebrating with a funny double fist pump. That’s when Antonsen started shouting in a very funny way the following words “HE TOUCHED IT! HE TOUCHED IT! HE TOUCHED IT!”, telling the umpire that the shuttle touched Chou Tien Chen’s shirt and that the point should be his.

Chou Tien Chen was surprised and said, “No. …..Where?” Then Chou Tien Chen showed his funny side. He made some very funny gestures about how the shuttled passed without touching him. The crowed burst into laughter. You can see the whole video below.

We do not know if it really touched the shirt of Chou Tien Chen and if it was a fault. However Chou Tien Chen had a point. It would have been an impossible angle from where the umpire was sitting to see even if it was really a fault. From there on Anders Antonsen went on to win the second game 22-20.

It doesn’t end here. The funnier thing is teammate Anders Rasmussen’s Instagram video. In which Antonsen was watching his match on a mobile phone and laughing in a very contagious way. Here is his Instagram video.

But wait. There is more. Chou Tien Chen fought back well and took the third game 21-15 by a considerably fair margin. He celebrated in his usual style with a loud roar. And as the players shook hands, Chou Tien Chen patted on Antonsen’s bum only to find himself being awkward. He then patted on his opponents back. All in all a good entertainment for badminton lovers around the world.

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