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Top Cheap Badminton Rackets of 2017

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A good badminton racket with the proper string tension can bring huge improvements to your game. You can discover new shots and limits that you never knew existed. But what if you cannot afford an expensive like the Yonex Duora 10 which the best players like Lee Chong Wei use? Or maybe you just play in the local club as a hobby and are not ready to spend 250$ on a racket right now. Or maybe you simply don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket.

Then here are some of the best cheap / low end rackets that you can get in the market. If you want to check out the top high end rackets, you can read about them here.

Yonex Duora 77

The Duora 77 is one of the newer product line from Yonex. It also now comes in an absolutely stunning Frosty Blue colour Lee Chong Wei Edition, which looks a lot like the Duora 10 LCW model. It has the dual design of the Duora series – which means that one side of the racket head is thicker than the other side. The thicker side (box shape) is for the forehand side to deliver powerful smashes. The thinner aerodynamic side gives you faster backhands.

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IMG_1305 copy

This is an evenly balanced racket so it is suitable for both singles and doubles play. The Duora 77 is one of the rackets which performs well in all departments of the game – fast exchanges, clears, net shot – you say them all. This is why this racket is on the top of the list. An evenly balanced racket does not necessarily mean that you will not have a powerful smash. Instead it helps you with your good technique, if you have one that is :D. Many good players like Taufik Hidayat, Lee Chong Wei, Viktor Axelsen and almost all doubles players use evenly balanced rackets.

Voltric 5

The Voltric series from Yonex has done quite well in the market. These rackets deliver solid heavy smashes thanks to their tri voltage technology. Who doesn’t like a good smash? And this is why they are so popular. The Voltric 5 has been there in the Yonex Catalogue for quite some time now and that is reason enough of why it is such a good racket.

IMG_1308 copy

Powerful smashes are delivered from the head heavy nature of the racket. This means that you feel more weight towards the top of the racket (opposite to the handle side) when you are holding it. This racket is best suited for singles players. It is not suggested for a doubles player, but if you still want to use it you will have to hold the racket a little bit up the handle so as to gain more speed.

A head heavy racket is however not suggested for a learner. Badminton shots are executed with good racket speed and free flowing action of the hand, and not by brute force. There is racket carriage also. Sometimes a head heavy racket might hinder the development of these skills.

This doesn’t mean to say Voltric 5 is a bad racket. It is absolutely one of the best out there and you will love it. Click here if you want to buy a Voltric 5.

Li Ning G force 1200 Power

Do you play doubles and always clash your racket with your partner? Then maybe you should get a Li Ning racket instead of a Yonex. They are known to be more durable. Yonex rackets crack easily upon physical impact. I have three Li Ning rackets and one of them is marked with scar marks on every corner. It also got a crack two years ago while clashing, but it has not broken yet even upon regular use.


The G Force series are designed for overall performance. They have more flex (more flexible) as compared to the Yonex Rackets. If you don’t have a strong/good wrist action and if you are hitting your shots with more arm action, such a racket will be more suitable for you. You will get more power from it as it increases shuttle hold time.

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Yonex Voltric 7 DG

This is a unique racket from Yonex. This racket can handle a maximum tension of 35 lbs. To put matters into perspective, the much more costlier top of the line Yonex Duora 10 has only a maximum tension specification of 26 lbs. And this is just what is given on  paper, I am quite sure it can go up to 40 lbs easily (given the fact that I easily string my Duora 10 upto 32 lbs).

So if you are someone who wants to try out super high racket string tensions like Viktor Axelsen or Kenichi Tago, this is the racket for you. It will not empty your pocket and it will not put your racket at risk of breakage.

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The racket frame is thicker in size to support high tensions. The racket shaft is also a little bit on the stiffer side. It packs a good punch on smashes as well.

Apacs Ziggler LHI

What if you don’t want to buy any of the big brands? What if you want to buy something that offers twice as much for the same amount? Well there are options for that too. Apacs is one of the brands that I personally like very much. There are Apacs rackets which comes with 38 lbs specification out of the bag. There are many good rackets in their line. I can vouch for the Apacs Ziggler LHI series. This one is sponsored and used by the former World No and Two times Olympic 4th place holder Lee Hyun Il. Though the high end model of the LHI series is a little costly outside Malaysia, the low end models do not disappoint either.

Click here to get an Apacs Ziggler LHI for yourself.

Z Force 2 only for 45$

Yes, you heard it correctly. Those who have been patient enough to read till the end of this article are being awarded here. You can get a brand new sparkling Z force 2 only 45$. But there is a catch. Its not from Yonex. It is from the popular brand Fleet. The Fleet Z force 2 look exactly the same as the Yonex Z Force 2 down to every detail, even the grommet patterns. The head of this racket feels a lot lighter than the Yonex Z Force 2 and therefore lacks some punch. You can fool a lot of people from a distance if you go ahead and change the handle plastic cap with a yonex one.

Click here to buy a Z Force 2 for 45$ before Yonex sues Fleet for copyright infringement.

Fleet z force 2

Flypower is also another brand which sells good rackets at cheap prices You can check them out.

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