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Viktor Axelsen and Vittinghus : Lee Chong Wei, arrogant and unsympathetic

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It has come to surface that badminton stars Viktor Axelsen and Hans-Kristian Vittinghus are not very fond of Lee Chong Wei’s attitude on the court arena. This came to light after reported it from the podcast “Serve & Smash” where the two Danes recently appeared on.

On “Serve & Smash”, Axelsen said, “What bothers me most about Lee Chong Wei is that if he has the chance to hit your body (with the shuttle), he will hit you. He does not just play the shuttle into the open court, even if thats clearly enough to take point – but no he’s always trying to hit your body, every time. And that makes you angry”

Axelsen added, “Of course, he is a fantastic badminton player, and of course he just plays to win… ”

On the other hand Hans-Kristian Vittinghus said, “He is not necessarily the most sympathetic player in the badminton world. I do not completely agree with what Viktor said, but he’s really disagreeable on the court. He’s quite arrogant with other players as well, not just against Viktor and myself, but also against his own team-mates and training coaches.”

Vittinghus continued on saying, “I have played twice against him in Malaysia. And if he’s clearly in the lead (during a game), he is going to show off and fool around with you. And this doesn’t make him particularly appealing”

Axelsen has played 10 times against Lee Chong Wei and has won only once. While Vittinghus lost all his 4 matches he played against Lee Chong Wei. The two Danes might be a little frustrated with Lee Chong Wei’s speed in the back of their minds. But coming from Vittinghus who is a nice and good sportsperson, there might be more to this than meets the eye. Maybe there is some electricity on  court that we the outsiders simply cannot see.

Also Lee Chong Wei recently had a very big feud with the technical director of Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM), Morten Frost, who is another Dane. Morten Frost had been the coach of both Axelsen & Vittinghus and is presumably close to both the Danes. Whether Morten had been an influence to the two players in their opinions is a reasonable question to ask.

Lee Chong Wei does love to show off with dives and silly trickshots against opponents. It is very entertaining to watch from an audience’s seat. Whether it shows disrespect, opinions might differ.

However, everything is fair in love and war. We take these recent comments from Vittinghus and Axelsen in good spirit of the competition. It does not extend on their relationships outside the court. Axelsen recently uploaded a photo of himself with Lee Chong Wei and his son Terrance during the 2016 Dubai SS Finals. It reflects the good relationship between the two players off court.


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