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Yonex’s New Racket – Duora Z-Strike – 7 Things You Should Know

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Yonex is set to launch its new racket, Duora Z-Strike just before the All England 2017. Here are some things you want might to know about the racket.[easyazon_link identifier=”B01N28Q2CA” locale=”US” tag=”sticksmash0e-20″]Buy your duora z strike here[/easyazon_link]



1. Its a duora racket – so there is the backhand side aero side and the forehand box frame side


2. It will be stiffer than Duora 10

Yonex listed it as “Super Stiff” on its website. So we are expecting the Duora Z-strike to be a version of the Duora 10 with the stiff shaft of of a Z force 2. This also means that the shaft will be thinner than the Duora 10. This will probably give increased accuracy and feedback to the racket when you are hitting a shot. Well done Yonex

3. The colour of the racket is pure GARBAGE (Personal Choice)

In this new generation of bright neon and orange colour, Yonex has disappointed us with a very stale colour on the Duora Z -Strike. Its very boring colour is very similar to the design of the much cheaper Arcsaber iSlash (which in my opinion was also another fail)


4. Horizontal Grommet Designs (Similar to the Nanoray Z speed)

For those of you who like the Nanoray Z speed, this is good news. Does it really affect the feel of the racket to a player?? Errrr…..I am not so sure.


5. Continuos Grommet like the Voltric Z force 2

The Duora Z – Strike will be featuring a continuos Grommet like the Z force 2 which will give the racket more power the racket promises. It might be made of some tungsten infused material like before. This makes the Duora z-strike even more appealing for the singles players


6. It will NOT be a head heavy racket

Judging the the weight of the racket (2U and 3U, No 4U models), it will be pretty safe to say that the racket wont be head heavy. Almost all head heavy racket from yonex always features a 4U variant.

7. Which playes might be using it?

From what we know so far, Viktor Axelsen has tested it. Here is a short video of Viktor Checking out the new racket. Not sure if Lee Chong Wei will jump from his own Duora 10 model to a more common model. Lin Dan will stick to his head heavy rackets, so its a no no from Lin Dan. Chou Tien Chen might be using this racket.



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