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Dream Partnership here : Tan Boon Heong & Hendra Setiawan

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This is very good news for the world of badminton. Tan Boon Heong and Hendra Setiawan will be partnering up in the doubles court starting January 1, 2017.

First of all we will be able to watch these two great players for a couple of years more. Second, Individualism is on the rise in badminton. As we have seen in the more popular sports of tennis, individual personalities will increase the popularity and worth of our sport. When we talk Roger Federer, we do not just see him as a player from Switzerland. Rather we see him more largely as the personality he is. Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei are also global personalities in the sport now, with fan followings from all over the world.

Tan Boon Heong’s power smashes from the back court is famous. And Olympic Gold medalist and World Champion Hendra Setiaawan is known for his anticipation and front court skills. This is truly going to be an explosive partnership.

This is the the update on Tan Boon Heong’s Facebook page:


“Good morning everyone ~

I’m here today and would like to announce that my best friend ,my all time on court opponent, or more used to known as face expressionless player Hendra Setiawan from Indonesia will start our partnership effective from 1st January 2017…

This might be a huge move on for us and also for badminton field .However we hope that our decision can slightly freshening the badminton world..

And also I would like to take this opportunity here to say a big thank you to Koo Kien Keat who have been my partner for 10years. In this 10years times we did share our happiness and also went through the toughest period that we had~He is always my senior ,my guidance and like my big brother that guide me often in and off court , during training session~thank you brother .
I’m here sincerely wish him all the best in his new career …
See you all soon in 2017
Thank you “

Currently Tan Boon Heong is 29 years old and Hendra Setiawan is is 32 years old. While Koo Kien Keat is 31 years old. It might also be noted that Joachim Fischer Nielsen (Denmark) is currently playing Mixed Doubles at the highest level with his partner Christina Pedersen at the age of 38 years. Also mixed doubles (for the male player) is physically more demanding than Men’s Doubles. So we can hope at least a few more years from this partnership.

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