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Jan Jorgensen Throws Iskandar’s T shirt during a match

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Jan Jorgensen is well known for his bad temper on court. This might make the game exciting sometimes and attract viewers, like John McEnroe of tennis. However what he did yesterday in his match against Zainuddin Iskandar was simply beyond acceptable.

He might have won the China Open Title today but he didn’t win many hearts.


It was during the mid game interval of the 3rd game. As they changed ends in the court, Iskandar seemed to forget and leave his wet t shirt in the kit box. Instead of reminding or calling out to Iskandar, Jan simply picked it up and threw it across. What lack of sportsman spirit from Jan O Jorgensen.  Iskandar’s coach calmly picked it up from the floor.

Iskandar also later told media that Jan kept calling him “Lee Chong Wei” as if to mock him.

Surely you can be better than this Jan. Come on!! At the least he could have left it alone, or better still reminded Iskandar.

Jan seemed to be frustrated either with the way Iskandar was serving, or how quickly he served, or maybe Iskandar’s vocal celebrations after points.

A message to Jan : He might have been your opponent, but surely he wasn’t your enemy.


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